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        HS编码 商品名称 退税率 计量单位 海关监管 申报要素·检疫
        45011000.00 未加工或简单加工的天然软木
        [Natural cork, raw or simply prepared]
        0% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        45019010.00 软木废料
        [Waste cork]
        0% 千克/无 9AB 查看详情
        45019020.00 碎的、粒状的或粉状的软木(软木碎、软木粒或软木粉)
        [Crushed, granulated or ground cork]
        0% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        45020000.00 块,板,片或条状的天然软木
        [Natural cork, in rectangular(rincluding square)blocks, plates, sheets or strip(including sharp-edged blanks for corks or stoppers)]
        0% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        45031000.00 天然软木塞子
        [Natrual corks and stoppers]
        0% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        45039000.00 其他天然软木制品
        [Other articles of natural cork]
        0% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        45041000.10 压制软木塞
        [Press cork]
        0% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        45041000.90 块,板,片及条状压制软木,压制软木塞除外
        [Corks, plates, sheets and strips are pressed against cork, except for pressed corks]
        0% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        45049000.00 其他压制软木及其制品
        [Other agglomerated cork(with or without a binding substance)and articles of agglomerated cork]
        0% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        45041000.00 (已作废)
        推荐查询: 45041000 或者: 450410
        [Blocks, plates, sheets and strip; tiles of any shape; solid cylinders, including discs]
        0% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
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