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        HS编码 商品名称 退税率 计量单位 海关监管 申报要素·检疫
        21069061.00  (增) 含香料或着色剂的甘蔗糖或甜菜糖水溶液 - 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21069062.00  (增) 蔗糖含量超过50%的甘蔗糖、甜菜糖与其他食品原料的简单固体混合物 - 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21011100.00 咖啡浓缩精汁
        [Extracts, essences and concentrates of coffee]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21011200.00 以咖啡为基本成分的制品
        [Preparations with a basis of extracts, essences or concentrates or with a basis of coffee]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21012000.00 茶、马黛茶浓缩精汁及其制品
        [Extracts, essences and concentrates, of tea or mate, and preparations with abasis of these extracts, essences or con-centrates or with a basis of tea or mate]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21013000.00 烘焙咖啡代用品及其浓缩精汁
        [Roasted chicory and other roasted coffee substitutes, and extracts, essences and concentrates thereof]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21021000.00 活性酵母
        [Active yeasts]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21022000.00 非活性酵母,已死单细胞微生物
        [Inactive yeasts; other singlecell microorganisms, dead(but not including vaccines of heading No.30.02)]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21023000.00 发酵粉
        [Prepared baking powders]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21031000.00 酱油
        [Soya sauce]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21032000.00 番茄沙司及其他番茄调味汁
        [Tomato ketchup and other tomato sauces]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21033000.00 芥子粉及其调味品
        [Mustard flour and meal and prepared mustard]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21039010.00 味精
        [Gourmet powder]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21039020.00 别特酒
        [Aromatic bitters, 44.2%-49.2% of which is alcoholic strength by volume, 1.5%-6% of which is spiles and various ingredients by weight and 4% -10% of which is sugar by weight]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21039090.00 其他调味品
        [Other condiments and seasonings]
        10/13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21041000.00 汤料及其制品
        [Soups and broths and preparations therefor]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21042000.00 均化混合食品
        [Homogenized composite food preparations]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21050000.00 冰淇淋及其他冰制食品
        [Ice cream and other edible ice, whether or not containing cocoa]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21061000.00 浓缩蛋白质及人造蛋白物质
        [Protein concentrates and textured Protein substances]
        9% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
        21069010.00 制造碳酸饮料的浓缩物
        [Beverage bases]
        13% 千克/无 AB 查看详情
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